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everyone’s saying they all got sucked into other fandoms waiting for hetalia to return and ive been here the whole time. like a statue, collecting a thin mossy coating of other fandoms but not changing and now that hima is back i have RISEN AND SHED THE LAYERS OF DISTRACTION AND REVEALED MY TRUE WEEABOO FORM TO THE MASSES

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Okay but seriously like 999 is one of those things basically every tumblr user would love. Like

Do you love excruciating puns? 999

Do you like strong female characters? 999

Do you like tightly written plots? 999

Do you like puzzles? 999

Do you like science? 999

Do you like your heart wrenched out? 999

Do you accept the funyarinpa as your lord and savior? Of course you do. Play 999

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lastjournal asked: 18, 28, 30

18- What are you currently trying to improve on?

Composition, layout/background design.

28- For traditional artists: what medium do you like most? (Pencil, charcoals, etc)

For quick sketchings I like regular old school pencils. For paintings I love watercolors and guache. Figure drawings in charcoal and conte crayon are fun too.

30- What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

I’m not entirely sure what this question is asking? I guess the impulse to tell stories that will influence others to become better people.

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I know Tumblr has a lot of people struggling with money and folks wanting to see friends from far away so here’s just a bit of advice:

Do not use eDreams to book anything!

This has been the 4th time I’ve seen someone book with eDreams and when they end up to the airport they have no reservation

Basically eDreams takes your money and doesn’t send any information to the airline causing your ticket to be canceled

The only thing the airline can tell you to do is to either call eDreams (and they have crappy customer service hours and even crappier customer service) or book a whole new ticket

I’ve seen a lot of ticketing problems with third party travel companies (looking at you Cheapo Air) but eDreams has been one of the worst for folks to deal with

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